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Better late than Never!!

The twitter culture spoils/spoiled the blogging culture at intermediate level! So.. of course, i was victimized to cease blogging such simple things in my life. The entire concept of the blogging have changed to ‘micro-blogging’ aka twitter.

After Effects of twitter

1. Cannot live with a #(hash)tag.

2. @-mentions became a  habit.

3. Speak out anything LOUD!! *thats good actually*

4. Learned that every bollywood stars have no difference in their Shameless Self Promotions Including there life activities including            ‘pee’ing and ‘shitting’!!

5. Actresses are never hotter than Models atleast considering their twitpics.

6. Facebook is a ‘Mills and Boons’ section for our generation.

7. News must be short, clear and leading!

etc…. etc..


Hey Huys.. Ive done some thing very much better than this blog Check out,

Its my new blog on my tours and travels.. The first post is, Nelliyampathy!

Barcamp-9 Kerala

Barcamp-9 kerala was conducted on november 14, 2010, at Amrita vishwavidyapeetham, amritapuri, kollam.
i’d attend the formal meet up of techies,dvelopers and foss enthusiasists al over from kerala.
It was my first barcamp was Very informative, thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions. Met several entrepreneurs, and developers. The only beginners where us(twitter handles-@naneem, @srehu_DTA,@kiran_viswam).
An emphasizing thing is that, I had to Pull a trigger on discussion over ” comparing maya and blender?”- a tweet by me. I had some beginner lessons on maya 2 years back and then when i came to watch open movie project, sintel , my mind stuck with its texture perfection and rendring. Well, what i understood is that maya is basically a modeller aged 19yrs and blender is code-depened aged 9 yrs only.. Still was satisfied with the work by @jishnu7 .

The Barcamp9 gave me a new exposure to several eminent developers,  nd new horizons of applications.

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New post on our moz youth club’s onam celebration is posted .!!

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It contains Malayalam Fonts.  If you are unable to read it,

click here to dowload malayalm font . After downloading it,


copy the file and

Go to:  Control Panel> Fonts

and then paste it there. You will be  shown a message that you installed it successfully.

Team Centaurs conducts rocking Second programme.. conducted on 22nd july, 2010



MOZ YOUTH CLUB of MES COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING conducted a debate on the topic MONOPOLIES V/S OPEN SOFTWARES on 22nd June 2010.

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